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JMK company stands for 45 years of experience in tyre business.



2The history of the company goes back to 1968. That was the time when the first vulcanizing and tire retread shop was opened by Mr Adam Kowalski, the father of the current company owners. Today, JMK Sp. z o.o. is one of the biggest tyre distributors in Poland and retread tyre manufacturer for trucks and OTR as well as the owner of OPONY EXPRESS franchising chain

The wide range of the offered services - from passenger car tyres, truck agricultural, industrial, OTR and motorcycle tyres, to aluminium and steel rims and batteries - allows to meet all of the customers' needs. Almost 2 hectares of storage space, own transport and latest solutions in logistics management provide smoothness of deliveries to customers throughout Poland. 

Commercial activities of the tyre distributor JMK company are based on the work of its sales representatives working in field. Each customer has an assigned supervisor, whose job is mainly to advise
on choosing suitable solutions. Choosing right tyres is of a particular significance when considering truck, agricultural and industrial tyres.

Commercial activities of JMK company are mainly based on loyalty and long-running relations built with customers. The result of such policy is not omitting end user services in the supply chain.
Many years of experience of JMK indicate that cooperating with services gives the most desired results when it comes to the end user.

JMK is not just a tyre distributor, but a "cold process" rereading manufacturer of truck, industrial and OTR tyres. Two tyre retreading facilities located in Wolsztyn and Bielsko-Biała operate under Bandag licence - the world leader of retread tyres. The cooperation gives an access to the latest technologies and the highest quality materials and guarantees also systematic personnel trainings.