In JMK, tyre retreading facility operates under Bandag licence.


In JMK, tyre retreading facilities operate under Bandag licence - the world leader in retread tyre manufacturing. The cooperation involves the use of the highest quality norms at every production stage, starting from choosing the carcass, through initial assessment, buffing, tread application and vulcanization, ending with the quality control.

JMK owns two tyre retreading facilities: in Wolsztyn and in Bielsko Biała. The first one with the truck tyre production line in 17,5" and 22,5" sizes . In the retreading facility in Bielsko Biała, together with the truck tyre production line there is also an OTR tyre production line.

JMK tyre retreading facilities produce final goods using own carcass and also provide tyre retreading service using carcass delivered by the customer.

JMK retreading offer consists of a wide range of tread patterns and therefore allows to select a tread that is suitable for the particular use of the vehicle.