Professional guidance on choosing the right tyres and recommendations on tyre operation


JMK company together with its partners' services offers comprehensive system of tyre management.  Car fleets do no longer need to take care of the tyres but to concentrate rather on their statutory activities. The system enables lowering the costs of tyres per kilometer significantly.  The system involves :

  • selection of the right tyres depending on the type of the vehicle and operating conditions,
  • professional mounting, balancing and repair/ using also service cars at the given location /,
  • cyclic inspections,
  • tyre rotations in order to maximize tyre lifetime,
  • 24-hour roadside assistance throughout the country,
  • tyre roadside assistance in all European countries,
  • restoration of original parameters of worn out tyres through retreading process or repurchase,
  • scrap tyre disposal,
  • periodic centralized invoicing facility.

The system employs advanced IT systems.

Time proven management system and years of experience allow to offer cost per kilometer contracts to fleets. If so, the customer is charged periodically where the due amount is the product of kilometers covered by the owned vehicles and the negotiated rate for tyres per 1 km.